Friday, October 2, 2009

October brings new goals

So a few days ago, I decided that I really needed to renew my focus. I hit the 80lb mark in September but at the same time I stayed pretty much the same all month - up during the week - down during my cleanse. If I saw weight loss it was minimal.

So I decided to refocus and set some new goals and have some motivation back with my weight loss. I think I got comfortable thinking that if I exercised and followed a diet - it would continue to come off like it had been --- even if I did cheat (and I was cheating a lot).

So I set some new goals for myself. We'll see how far I get. Here's what I'm wanting for the month of October...

1. Eat Vegetarian. The only exception to the rule is that one day a week I will allow myself fish. **It should be noted that i'm still allowing myself to eat milk/cheese.

2. Stick to my diet - I'm going to be very strict with myself for the month of October. I'm wanting to lose another 10 lbs before the end of the month and I feel like in order to do that I really need to kick my body in gear and not be so lax on the weekends and expect my cleanses to do all the hard work for me.

3. Challenging myself in my workouts. I'm enjoying the 30 Day Challenges of EA Active Sports. Just finished my 4th 30 day challenge on Sept. 30 and started my 5th today. However, I feel like I need something more. So at least 3 days a week i'm going to either add some other workout (i.e. biking/running outside, weights, cardio, etc) or add a 2nd Wii Workout (Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing, Wii Fit, etc.).

I know I can push myself and I'm so close to the 100lb mark that i'm ready to hit it and have my best friend have to quit smoking. I'm ready to be able to say that I've lost 100 lbs. I'm ready to say that i've lost a WHOLE PERSON. Seriously. Scary that I've been carrying all of that extra weight for so long. It feels so good to be where I'm at now --- I can only imagine what it is going to feel like in a couple of months with even more weight off.

Today I had a great day in general. I got off work early and was able to go for a bike ride with Andy & Liz who I never get to spend a lot of time with --- so it was really nice. We rode for 6.2 miles. I want to start doing it more often as I feel like I need to start getting myself ready for the triathalon that my sister and I are going to do in the spring. I want to cut my time from my last triathalon by a 1/3. I finished in just under 3 hours last time. This time I want to finish in 2 hours or less. It's a very tough goal but I know I can get myself in better shape and really do this.

Food Today:

Breakfast - Shake (plain)

Lunch - Vegetable Stir Fry with onions, scallions, squash, zucchini, carrots, broccoli and red/yellow/orange peppers over 1 cup of brown rice. I used 1/2 tbsp of olive oil to saute and 3 tbsp of soy sauce to make the stir fry. I also used garlic salt and onion powder to help season. Total: about 350-400 calories (rice - 190 cal, olive oil - 60 cal, soy sauce - 30 cal, plus veggies)

Dinner - Isabar

Exercise - Solid 30 minutes on EA Active Sports plus a 6.2 mile bike ride.

Weight: 191 lbs (down 2.5 lbs from yesterday).

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