Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Absolute Torture....why?

Today is a Wednesday which means it's the first of my double cleanse days this week. I was very tired in general today so much so that I took a nap during my lunch my car....

My roommate's mom and 2 aunt's are in town visiting (they arrived today) and my roommate wanted me to socialize with them at dinner. I told her I couldn't eat as it was a cleanse day but unfortunately with me most likely going out of town this weekend --- my only choice was tonight or tomorrow. I figured tonight would be the lesser of two evils if I had to sit in a restaurant and not eat....trying to do that at the end of my 2nd cleanse day would be more than I could bare.

So I arrived home tonight and I had tried to build myself up for the challenge that I knew was going to be ahead. Where does she pick for a restaurant? Chuy's. Damn. Mexican Food. My favorite. Plus there are chips and salsa on the table from the start of the meal. Not easy to pass up. So we went....and I knew it was going to be difficult right from the beginning....but I went anyways because I try to be a good roommate. My roommate's family doesnt come into town very often and I didn't want to be rude.

We sat down and as soon as the chips were on the table I knew I was in for pure hell. It was torture to sit there while they ate chips and salsa ---- and then it got worse when my roommate ordered the creamy jalapeno dip. It's my favorite. Ugh.

I somehow made it through the meal without killing anyone at my table. Or the waitress who asked me at three different times if I wanted to order anything....NO. I dont need mexican food. hard is that to understand? I know it's her job to make sure that we spend money in the restaurant but I said no. I wasn't rude. I may sound rude here....but I was actually overly pleasant in my responses to her. lol.

Finally my roommate was complaining about how full she was and she was going to get up and go for a walk and wait for everyone outside. This was my cue to be able to leave the chips & salsa behind and get outside.

It was pure hell and I'm sure I didn't make for good company as I didnt say much....because naturally all you want to talk about at a restaurant is "how good is your meal" --- and that wasn't a conversation I wanted to have. I know their food was delicious --- it's Chuy's. I spent most of the dinner on my blackberry chatting with my ex-roommate Steph who was trying to distract me from the smell of the chips & salsa.

Mental Note to self: do not ever agree to go to a mexican restaurant on a cleanse day. For any reason. Period.

Food Today:
None - Cleanse Day

Weight Today: 205 lbs (same as yesterday)

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