Saturday, August 15, 2009

Best Salad ---- Is it really that good for you?

Coming off double cleanse days (every Wed/Thurs) is always hard. I always want to eat everything in sight ---- and of course I can't otherwise why did I just cleanse for 2 days. I always start off my days with a regular vanilla shake (no fruit - too much sugar after a cleanse).

For lunch yesterday I made myself a salad that was so good I literally tried to duplicate it again today (with success!). It was simple --- and probably not as healthy as most salads, but it was delicious. A mix of lettuce, spinach & mixed greens with chopped cucumbers and carrots as well as crumbled fat free feta cheese with a greek dressing (olive oil, feta, celery, etc). The salad was absolutely mouth-watering. I literally was moaning by the end and was bummed when there was none left. Hence, why I recreated the salad today.

My view or opinions on salad is that even if the dressing isn't that great for you or you add an item that you know isn't good for you (cheese, egg, bacon, etc) long as you dont go overboard --- it has to be better than eating junk food from a fast food restaurant. Small changes can make all the difference in the world. Start small.

Food Yesterday/Today:
Breakfast: Shake
Lunch: Salad (with chopped chicken) (today i had a little bit of guacamole with my salad too)
Dinner: Shake with blueberries & banana.

Weight: 200.5lbs (up 1 lb from yesterday) --- I always gain a little bit of weight after a cleanse even if I do everything right.

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