Monday, August 10, 2009

Confessions from the Weekend

So I got this idea that if on Monday's I forced myself to "confess" my sins from the weekend that maybe it would help me not be so bad on the weekends when it comes to my diet. So here's my first edition of my weekend confessions.

1. Friday Night when I went out to eat with my friend Leia, I was good and ordered the Tuna Steak which was one of the healthier items on the menu at the mexican restaurant --- problem was I ordered Queso as an appetizer and ate more than my share of it.

2. As if Friday night wasn't bad enough, I then went to the movies with my friend Leia on Saturday at the Draft House and ordered Chips & Queso as my lunch on Saturday because I hate the salad dressings at the Draft House. I used that as an excuse to get Chips & Queso.

3. We went grocery shopping to host a dinner party and while I got fixings to make a salad & healthy spaghetti with soy meat, I also bought garlic bread and brownies.....and ice cream.

4. Saturday was a throw away day for me when it came to my diet and while I did exercise and have a shake for breakfast ---- I definitely didn't stick to the plan and on Sunday morning paid for it with a 3.5 pound gain.

5. I was actually semi-good on Sunday with exercise (both Wii & going for a run) and had 2 shakes for meals....but I ate out with Suzana at Red Robin and while I did get a Salad ---- it was covered with bacon, blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. I gained .5 lbs for this.

As I reread this post, it's a wonder that I was able to lose the 80 lbs that I've lost so far. If I had weekends like this every weekend I never would have done it. Next weekend I will be better. I promise. I seriously want to crawl under a rock right now as I'm that embarassed of my eating habits from the weekend. If nothing else, it will definitely make me do better if I'm planning on "confessing" every Monday. Geez.

And if to make matters worse, when I woke up this morning - I started off my week by skipping exercising ---- granted, my Wii told me it was a rest day but after the weekend that I had, I should have kicked my butt straight to the curb to exercise. Tomorrow morning - Tough workout ahead.

Food Today:
Breakfast - Isagenix Shake with fruit
Lunch - Jenny Craig Frozen Turkey Panini
Dinner - Isagenix Shake with fruit
Snack - Jenny Craig Cookies & Cream Cheesecake

Current Weight: 204.5 (up .5 lbs from yesterday)

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