Monday, August 17, 2009

Confessions from the Weekend - 2nd Week

Well, I have to admit that I actually feel like I had a really good weekend. I do have a couple of confessions in keeping with the theme for my "Monday" blog, but in general, I was much better than I was last weekend....Ok, here goes.

1. On Saturday, I went to a party with my "brother-in-law's" family....His mom made a coconut creme cake that was delicious. I had 1 bite on Saturday night (and 2 bites on Sunday). Not pieces....just 1-2 bites. I didn't allow myself a whole piece.

2. On Sunday, instead of making myself a salad, I went to Chili's and bought their boneless buffalo chicken salad. I'm sure it's got way more calories than I need with the blue cheese & fried chicken.

3. Sunday night I had a friend in town from Houston and we had the munchies and went for mexican food. I did order a Taco Salad ---- which I think is the first time i've ever ordered a salad in a mexican place (like ever, in life). I also had chips & queso ---- I had the munchies bad.

That's it. A few of my successes from the weekend should also be noted as I dont want to always be negative towards myself.

*I found time on Saturday not only to work out but also to go for an "interval" run for 30 mins around my parent's neighborhood. (Walk 1-2 mins, Run 1-2 mins, Walk, Run, etc).

*Other than the 1 bite of cake at the party on Saturday, I didn't snack --- they had chips and salsa...and jello shots....amongst other calories....none of which I ate.

*My sister was honored at church on Sunday and they had a reception to honor her with all sorts of food and I didn't eat anything. I enjoyed the reception separate from the food.

I had a great weekend. I got to spend time with a lot of old friends on Friday night as I went to a reunion for my old job --- 25 "ex" employees (and 1 current employee) all got together to enjoy a night of fun. It was a lot of fun. It was hosted at a mexican restaurant --- but I had my shake before I went and I wasn't tempted at all to eat. It just showed me that i can socialize even in a restaurant and still not be tempted for food.

My friend IB is in Austin for a couple of days to hang with me. She told me that our other mutual friend (her roommate) told her that he almost didn't recognize me and that I must be "on crack" to have lost the weight.....I thought it was funny ---- and a high compliment coming from Chris. :) It's always nice to have people keeps me on track and focused on the end goal. My health and well being but also an appearance that will get me noticed. :)

Food Yesterday/Today:
Breakfast: Shake (plain vanilla)
Lunch: Shake (blackberry)
Dinner: Fajitas with trimmings

Weight: 204.0 lbs (up 3.5 lbs from yesterday) --- The munchies last night --- killed my success.

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