Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cleanse Days

So Wednesday & Thursday of each week are my cleanse days. No food - just cleanse drinks. No, I'm not starving myself. The cleanse drinks are packed with all the nutrients that my body needs to function.

So no food yesterday or today. I'm in Houston visiting the family. It never fails that I end up having to be around food on cleanse days --- which is hard. Today I went and visited my mom's office during the lunch hour and sat with her and her co-workers while they had lunch. Maybe i'm trying to torture myself ---- or maybe i'm trying to prove to myself that I have the will power to do this.

The cleanse days always make me feel better. I have more energy and I love the way I feel after a double cleanse.

Food Today:
None. 3-4 cleanse drinks. 6 chocolate wafers (to keep blood sugar good).

Weight: 202 lbs (down 2lbs from yesterday)

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