Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Confessions from the Weekend - 3rd Week

Well, it's Monday again. Here goes my weekend confessions.

1. After having leftover fajitas for lunch (as my "one" meal of the day) - I should have had a shake on Friday night. But my 2 best friends decided on a last minute girls night which meant Pizza and Salad. So much for a shake.

2. Running errands with my roommate all day on Saturday --- I knew we would end up eating lunch out. I tried to make a healthy choice with fajitas as we ended up at a diner --- and that actually looked like the healthiest thing on the menu....lol.

3. Sunday started out being a good day with a shake for breakfast but plans changed and I ended up having lunch with my friend Suzana at Red Lobster. I had fish --- but it was parmesan crusted. I did have a salad and rice (instead of potatoes) ---- but I also had 2 of their rolls too.

4. Sunday Afternoon I ended up spending time with my best friend and her boyfriend watching a bunch of movies and by the end of it (9pm) when I hadn't eaten dinner ---- I ended up eating the leftover pizza from Friday night --- I had a major case of the munchies.

Not a good weekend. I gained back all of the weight that I had lost during the last week of cleansing.

However, I've completely started over again and today I was very good. It's all about not getting frustrated enough to let go completely ---- but more about rededication so that you can get back on track. Yes I splurged --- but I'm back on track.

I'm determined to hit my goal for my aunt's wedding of losing 80 lbs. It's going to be tough as I still have a few pounds to go with not a lot of time --- but I'm determined.

Weight: 208 lbs (up 3 lbs from yesterday)

Food Today:
Breakfast - Isagenix Shake
Lunch - Seafood Cobb Salad (with my friend Kasie at McCormick & Schmidts)
Dinner - Isagenix Shake

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